Saturday, May 30, 2009

Selamat Ari Gawai

To all my Dayak's friends...Selamat Ari Gawai...Gayu Guru..Gerai Nyamai...lantang senang...uuuuuhhhhaaa.

Enti Ngirup..anang Drive...

Saturday, May 23, 2009


The way to be respected is to be respectful.

The way to be heard is to listen

What do you wish to experience? Give it to others, and you will surely find it appearing and growing stronger in your own life.

To make a positive impression, find the qualities that are positive and valuable about every person you meet.

Achievements built on kindness, respect, understanding and love will continue to grow in value and influence.

Give, and as you do you'll be able to give more and more.

Monday, May 18, 2009

dear wife...

Terima ini dari kawan..untuk bacaan bersama..

Memang banyak kebenarannya terkandung dalam surat tersebut..boleh di jadikan pengajaran kpd wanita yg bergelar isteri..


Dear Wife,

Please forgive me for addressing you as such, for that is what I feel of you now.

You cannot read what is on my mind, I will not allow you to. You will only learn of the contents up here through me. I will tell you what is bothering me if I want to talk about it. I will try to solve my problems MY way, if ever I reached to a dead end, perhaps I will talk to you. I expect you to just listen and digest. You may advice me when I ask you to. Sometimes I do not trust your womanly intuition. What is that anyway?

Now, please do not start about that other woman. She means nothing to me. Well, she WILL be something if you keep on pestering me about her! Do not make me regret for putting my cards on the table. I am trying my best to be true here, please do not use it against me. I am the innocent one here, it was she who initiates everything, you must trust me that everything that I have told you is nothing but the truth. Now, please do not ask me more, for I do not want to hurt you with the details.

O, don't cry please, have I hurt you? What did I say just now? No, please don't start speculating. I am not that scandalous. I know what I am doing. When you cry, you make me feel bad. I am not a bad person. You asked me, so I told you the truth. Now you are crying and blaming me for hurting you. What do you want from me actually? Please stop accusing me now. It is not as bad as it seems.

I do not want to talk about it anymore. I am sorry for sharing this with you. I am hurt too. I thought you would listen to me.

You have your girlfriends to confide in, but I have nobody. What would my pals say if they knew about this woman? They would place a bet on it and encourage me to go for it. You know how nasty these guys can be sometimes.

I want to be true to you, can't you see? I want to share my fears with you, but can you please stop blaming me? Can you please stop crying now? I am not cheating on you. I am not a bad person. I just need someone to talk to, please listen and talk to me like you always do with our kids. Am I not significant to you anymore?

I am tired. Can I have my dinner now? What? You have not fixed dinner? That's fine, I'll fix something for myself.

Your husband

Thursday, May 14, 2009


As we move along the path in life, in search of many things, we often make the mistake of seeking short term pleasure at the cost of long term joy. Many people confuse the two.

Imagine kalau kita pergi makan di restoren yang best..dessert yang sedap…setiap malam sebulan..enjoykan..this is pleasure…
…….But look at yourself in the mirror after that month and I don't think you will be so joyous.

Imagine kalau kita mengamalkan sex rambang…kita akan rasa seronok ..enjoy…pleasure but short term…but kalau kena Sexual Transmitted Diseases…and Hiv….
Kan orang selalu cakap..”seronoknya beberapa saat je..tapi merananya lama”….

Imagine juga kalau kita ada affair,mempunyai kekasih gelap,…pleasure nya sekejap..bila berjumpa…ber rindu-rinduan…pleasurenya bila bertelipon dan bersms….pleesurenya bila bersembunyi utk memadu kasih…..tapi long term nya…ada hati yang terluka…anak-anak terabai….suami/isteri terabai…finance trganggu…produktivit kerja juga akan trganggu….

Pleasure generally requires no effort…..and …sometimes ianya datang tanpa di duga…dan tanpa diminta....

Joy on the other hand, has an aspect of pleasure, but its core existence is connected to working hard and succeeding at something.

Pleasure bukan lah dilarang…banyak cara untuk mendapatkan pleasure…nilaikannya dan fikirkan baik buruknya….…
Pleasure is not something negative at all….. It is a gift we have been given..

We just have to learn moderation and to appreciate true vs. passing values….akhir kata bak kata Nabil “ lu fikirlah sendiri”

Bila dah berumur ni…dah tak fikir sangat “pleasure” ni….syukur apa yang ada..

Friday, May 08, 2009

...muhasabah,sambil minum ...

Berbagai cara untuk menyampaikan message....

Ini lah air minuman yang disediakan semasa mesyuarat di Hikmah..minuman ditaja oleh Baitul mal Sarawak...syukran...

Monday, May 04, 2009


There have been times when the kindness of another person has changed your life for the better. And it's easy to see that kindness has the power to reach far beyond itself.

In the most difficult of moments, kindness heals and reassures.

Kindness gives comfort, and hope where there was none before.

Kindness can inspire confidence

When you seek to make a difference, kindness is a great place to start.

Just the simple desire to give it is all you really must have.

So give kindness, freely and without hesitation

Whether you get it back does not really even matter, for its true value is in the giving.

Live with kindness, and you'll always see life's very best possibilities. For in kindness, is the heart of who you truly are.