Thursday, September 29, 2011



Do you feel the need to be needed?
You already are needed, so make yourself useful and you’ll easily satisfy that need you feel.

Do you desire pleasure and comfort?
Then allow yourself to be pleased with where you are and comfortable about the person you have become.

Do you desire to be somebody, to really make others stand up and take notice?
You already are someone special, and if you will simply live out your own unique possibilities, others will indeed take notice of the value you can offer.

Would you like to have a life filled with richness and fulfillment?
Life already offers an unending supply of richness, and opportunities for fulfillment in every direction, if you will open yourself up to live them.

What is already yours is worth much more than anything you could strive to take. Make the most of that value, and in doing so you’ll find everything you could ever desire.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Things you can and cannot change

Things you can and cannot change

There are things that you can change, and there are things that you cannot change. Both have much value.

The things you can change can enable you to create, to achieve, to express yourself, and to improve the world in which you live.

The things you cannot change give you the opportunity to grow stronger, to develop real wisdom, patience, acceptance, flexibility and effectiveness.

There is much you can learn from the things you cannot change.
And there are countless ways to positively apply that learning toward the things you can change.

The things you cannot change give you a base from which to work. The things you can change give you an ever-increasing world of possibilities.

When you accept what you cannot change and find positive ways to deal with it, you lay the groundwork for success.
When you understand what you can change and find positive ways to put that change to work, success and achievement are yours.

You are fortunate to live in a world where there are things you can change and things you cannot.
As each moment arrives, you’re in a position to make the best of it all.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Accepting disagreement

Accepting disagreement

On a regular basis, you will likely disagree with others. Don’t let that disagreement control your life.

There’s no need to become defensive when your opinions are challenged. Instead, let the challenges help you to further refine and clarify your own thinking.

When you are confident of your own path in life, you will not be threatened by differing opinions.
Instead of fighting against others who disagree, allow those differing perspectives to strengthen your own.

There will always be those who think differently than you do. Learn to see that as a blessing, and learn to appreciate its value.

True success is not a matter of forcing others to adopt your viewpoint.
True success comes from making your life a full, complete and valuable expression of your own unique point of view.

When you gratefully, peacefully, and lovingly accept disagreement, it loses its power to control your life.
And you can transform it into something positive that will truly enhance your world.

Friday, September 16, 2011


Dapatkan Mesej Bergambar di Sini

Some of the most powerful and valuable things in life are the things that never get used up.

Indeed, those things such as LOVE, INTEGRITY, TRUTH, COMPASSION and WISDOM become more plentiful the more they’re used.

STRENGTH does not get used up when you use it. In fact, it grows.

Giving your LOVE does not in any way diminish the LOVE you have. It makes your LOVE RICHER AND MORE MEANINGFUL.

Sharing your WISDOM with another person does not take that WISDOM away from you. It actually deepens your WISDOM, and makes it even more PROFOUND.

As each moment passes, make full, joyous and meaningful use of life’s goodness. When you do, you’ll be making even more

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Make the best..(buat yg terbaik)

Dapatkan Mesej Bergambar di Sini

Make the best

You won’t always get the best, yet you can always make the best from whatever you get.
You won’t always get your way, yet you can always make your way forward no matter what.
Even when the situation is not perfect, you can make the best of it.

Even when the initial outcome is not ideal, you can make the best of it.
Instead of wishing for what could have been, choose to effectively and successfully deal with what is.
Instead of assigning blame, assign yourself the task of finding and implementing a positive way forward.
You can choose where you’re headed, no matter where you’re coming from.

Stop wasting energy fighting against what has already happened, and apply that energy toward a positive purpose.

Focus your awareness and your efforts on the most positive, desirable outcome.
Make the best of the situation where you find yourself by visualizing and following a path to whatever you truly desire.

You deserve the best, and you deserve the positive, enriching experience of bringing it about.
So whatever comes your way, make the best of it, and give yourself the positive outcome you deserve to enjoy