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It takes strength

It takes strength to be polite to someone when that person has been rude to you.

It takes strength to be truthful when a lie would be more convenient.

It takes strength to build for the future.

It takes strength to resist temptations and distractions.

It takes strength to do what is right.

It takes strength to make an effort when it would be easier to make up an excuse.

It takes strength to do what must be done when the work is unpleasant and uncomfortable.

It takes strength to persist in the face of obstacles, when it would be much easier to simply give up.

It takes strength to do all these things. And all the while, these are the very things that build even more strength.
Be truthful, do what you know is right, put forth effort when it is called for, persist, and the more you do so, the more easily you’ll be able to do so.
Exercise your strength, and you’ll surely grow stronger, more capable, and successful in each endeavor.

Take Care Sayang...

Take Care Sayang…
Take care when you choose what to say. For once your words are spoken, they cannot be recalled.

Take care when you choose the thoughts to hold in your mind. For the quality of your life is determined by the quality of your thoughts.

Take care when you choose what to do with your time. Time passes quickly no matter what you do, so your best option is to make the very most of it.

Take care when living this day, this moment, this life with which you have been so richly blessed.

Take care, enjoy, appreciate, and value it all.

Take care, for there is so very much for which to live.