Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year 2012..

Happy New Year
Now is the day to apply what we have learned from past experience, and to make the world an even brighter place.

Now is the time to do something about not just the symptoms, but the fundamental causes of our difficulties.

Now is the time for true and sustained commitment.

The sparkling new era in front of us deserves more than just half-hearted new year’s resolutions.

My Beloved Bros,Sisters,Friends…Let this truly be a day of great beginnings.

Make the commitment to live, to give, to love, to be a positive force,.

Make a real difference and make it a great new year.

Friday, December 30, 2011


I recently saw(tv3), a brain researcher discussing early learning in children, and what steps parents could take to help their children become more intelligent.

His most emphatic suggestion was: sensory stimulation. He even recommended exposing children to movement and music while they are still in the womb.

Stimulation of the senses creates electrical activity in the brain, and this accelerates the formation of pathways between the brain cells.
These pathways, called dendrites, are the basis for intelligence. The more, the better. We’re born with a fixed number of brain cells, but there’s no limit to the number of connecting pathways that can be created.

I found this all very interesting, and it has an unmistakable ring of truth.
Receiving a healthy variety of sensory stimulation is important, no matter what age.(esp at my age..late 4series)

I know that I always feel more energized after listening to good music…, driving at the countryside,…. riding my motorbike, …..hiking through a wilderness area, …swimming,snorkeling,seawalking ,scubadiving…. travelling to a new place,… feeling the warm sun on my back or a cold wind in my face. These things all have a high sensory content.

Our senses deliver complex, dynamic information that challenges us to interpret it. And our minds respond to the challenge with growth.
Stimulation builds our sensory vocabulary and adds to our range of experience.

Make it a point to stimulate your senses every day. And not with the same old stuff.

Remember to see new sights, taste new food, listen to new sounds, move in different ways -- seek out sensations that are new and challenging.
And you will most certainly grow from the experience.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hati Manusia....

Kata-kata Nasihat Ibnu Qayyim :

Di dalam hati manusia ada kekusutan dan tidak akan terurai kecuali menerima kehendak Allah swt.
Di dalam hati manusia ada keganasan dan tidak akan hilang kecuali berjinak dengan dengan Allah swt
Di dalam hati manusia ada kesedihan dan tidak akan hilang kecuali seronok mengenali Allah swt
Di dalam hati manusia ada kegelisahan dan tidak akan tenang damai kecuali berlindung, bertemu dan berjumpa denganNya
Di dalam hati manusia ada penyesalan dan tidak akan padam kecuali redha dengan suruhan dan laranganNya serta qadha dan qadarNya serta kesenantiasaan sabar sehingga menemuiNya
Di dalam hati manusia ada hajat dan tidak akan terbendung kecuali kecintaan kepadaNya dan bermohon kepadaNya.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Kalau anda ingin....

Selalu kita dengar keluhan …

“ Dia tak respek aku sebagai ketua dia…”

“ at least hormat lah aku sebagai suami….”

“ antara kami kasih sayang sudah luntur …agak nya dia tak menyintai saya lagi….”

Kita selalu expect sesuatu dari orang lain,tapi tanyalah diri kita sendiri….ada kah kita sendiri bersikap seperti yang kita kehendaki dari nya…

Kalau anda ingin….

Kalau anda ingin DIHORMATI, hendaklah diri kita mempunyai perasaan MENGHORMATI orang lain…tak kiralah apa status nya…

Kalau anda ingin DIFAHAMI, jadilah satu kebiasan MEMAHAMI keadaan,sifat,budaya org lain sebelum membuat judgement..

Kalau anda ingin DIHARGAI (appreciated),hendak sentiasa BERSYUKUR atas nikmat yang ada..(ever grateful)…

Kalau anda ingin DICINTAI…belajarlah untuk MENCINTAI setiap masa dan apa jua keadaan….

Kalau anda ingin BELAJAR, ambil lah masa untuk MENGAJAR dan BERKONGSI ILMU….


Kalau anda ingin menjadi orang yang BIJAKSANA, hendak lah BERKONGSI ILMU..(share what u know)

Yes my friends….Whatever you wish, life will surely give it. What you must do, though, is to truly live it.

My friends….dalam kehidupan yang singkat ini ,
There is so much to live for and so much to see. You will have whatever you are willing to be.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kindness continues

Kindness continues

Think of how good it feels when someone is kind to you. Make it your goal to pass that feeling along to others every chance you get.

Give kindness and something amazing happens. Your own strength, confidence and joy will increase.

Give kindness, and it keeps going. Give kindness, and it continues long past the original expression.

Kindness inspires more kindness. A little bit of kindness can go a long, long way.
But why stop with just a little? Offer great kindness, again and again, and you truly change the world.

Add some kindness to your world today. And see the positive benefits as it continues to grow beyond you.