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Friday reminder

Another Gentle Friday self reminder.Lup dup,lup dup,lup dup...
My friends...
listen to and feel your heart beat...lup dup,lup dup,lup dup...It sound like a ticking timer..well,it is..memang benar!Each beat of of your heart is another second passed.
The alarm has been set and when it rings,your death will arrive.
With each heartbeat you are getting closer to meeting with Allah.My friend ..Today dont waste time,start now in achieving your purpose in life...
"Tidak aku ciptakan Jin dan manusia itu kecuali utk beribadah kepada Aku"
(adz-Dzaariyaat 56)Hv a productive friday and Happy National Day.

Friday friendly reminder.

Salam jumaah my dear friend yg diRahmati Allah.
Gentle self reminder...Sahabat...
Jom and Let do something productive and wonderful this weekend  dgn niat lillahita'ala
Doing some good deeds..
Visit your parents..
Buy a meal for the hungry,
volunteer at an orphanage,
Volunteer at Rumah Orang Tua.
Visit our Saudara Kita,
Spend time with yr kids or Cucu(s),
Spend time with yr wife alone.
Sampaikan walaupun satu ayat Allah ..Sahabat...
When you find yourself in a position to help someone, be happy because ALLAH is answering that person’s prayer through you.Subhanallah...
You will see how much happiness your heart will experience.
You will feel the satisfactions...
Or dalam hati berbunga bunga..
Have a wonderful Jumaat...and dont forget to deposit yr force saving into Tabung Masjid today...(saving for hereafter.)

Friday Reminder...

Another Friday Friendly reminder...NEEDS & WANTS.
My friend..
We know what we want,
We think we know what we need.
In actual fact,
What we want may not be what we need....
What we want may not be the best for us...My friend...
ALLAH knows what we want...
ALLAH knows what we need...
ALLAH plans and gives..
What He thinks is best for us..Have a wonderful Jumaat..
May Allah make it easy for us..
"Bersabar" regardless of any trials..
"Bersyukur"regardless of the situation..
And for us to REUNITE  in JANNAH.
Amin ya rabbalalamin.