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love it..

Love what you do and it will be great.

Love the world and it will be beautiful.

Love this day and it will bring fulfillment.

Love yourself and you’ll grow stronger.

Love others and they’ll blossom.

Love learning and you’ll be wise.

Love a challenge and you’ll be skilled.

Love the moments and they’ll propel you forward.

Love the truth and you’ll understand.

Love to make a difference and you’ll be admired.

Love to be alive and your life will be full.

Love to work and your work will bring true value.

Love to play and you’ll experience true enjoyment.

If you’re going to do it, love it, and see how much better it makes you. No one achieves greatness by doing what they detest.

If you’re going to be it, if you’re going to live it, love it. Think of how exhilarating love can be.

Think of how love can motivate you and inspire you like nothing else can.

Tap into that power with every passing moment. It’s your life. Love it and make it great.

maafkan lah..

Maafkan lah…
The more grudges you carry, the heavier your burden becomes. Forgive, and let them go.maafkanlah..ya memang susah tapi amat berbaloi…ular yg menyusur akar tidak akan hilang bisa nya…kita tak kan hina bila memaafkan bahkan mulia disisiNya.

When someone has wronged you,menipu kita,pasangan berselingkuhan,....yes it hurts. There is certainly no sense in using your own time and energy to prolong that hurt. Forgive,maafkanlah…, and you can begin to move away from the pain.

Forgive,maafkanlah, and you can move forward with a much lighter load.

Forgiveness,kemaafan.. does not mean that you allow others to take advantage of you,dan bukan bermakna kita kalah, bukan bermaknakita lemah…hanya org yg kuat saja yg dapat memaafkan….On the contrary, forgiveness gives you positive power no matter what others may have done.

Have the courage

Have the courage....

Have the courage to appear foolish, for the real fools are those who never attempt anything.

Have the courage to make mistakes, for they can teach you like nothing else can.

Have the courage to take action. For even though your actions carry the possibility of failure, if you never act then you are certain to fail.

Have the courage to live each day fully, with enthusiasm and a generous spirit. Though there are many problems in this world, there are a whole lot more positive possibilities.

Have the courage to do what is right instead of what is easiest or most convenient. It will earn you the respect of others and, even more importantly, the respect of yourself.

Have the courage to see and accept things for what they are. That will put you in position to make a real difference.

Have the courage to love, to speak your mind, to follow your curiosity and your passions.

Have the courage to give of yourself, for the goodness you give will come back to you over and over again