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looking for mistakes....mencari keaiban orang..

Artikel oleh Sheikh Salman utk kita kongsi bersama.....

Looking for Mistakes
|Sheikh Salman al-Oadah|

When it becomes a person’s habit to look for the mistakes of others, he becomes sensitized to them and attracts them to himself like a magnet. This is a tendency found in the school environment, even in kindergarten, and in society as a whole. It stems from an error in aim and intent and a tendency for a person to think he has the right to declare what is correct and what is mistaken and then go overboard in observing and keeping tabs on others, waiting to pounce on any error. This tendency in a person is often compounded by a false perception of the inherent rightness of what he is doing.

Overlooking people’s mistakes is not a sign of stupidity or simple-mindedness. Nor does it mean a tacit approval of their mistakes. Someone who concurs with the mistakes of others is no more a person of discernment than one who actively seeks out their mistakes. A person of discretion is one who knows w…